When I Was In Primary School

Remember when I was in Primary 5 at a Primary School(Near Sembawang), something occurs on me.

When I was at the school canteen, gossip was travelling that the fourth floor girl’s toliet’s was haunted. I was very annoyed. I told myself,”What’s there to be afraid of? There’s no ghosts in our school! Nonsense!”

My teacher suddenly popped up a question “Class, you know what was the place like before the school opens?” As we don’t know the answer, we keep quiet. “So…class you don’t know the answer? It’s the cemetry!” She said. Gossips travelled to me, i was just so naive that i went up to the toliet with my best friend, Jesslyn, to find out the truth whether there was such thing such as ghost!

My friend advised me not to go up, but i insisted her to accompany me to go up there. We went into the toilet together.”Ewww….”the door opened.”Bang!” the door closed.”Hellllllppppp meeeee!” a sound travelled from one of the toilet. I was stunned. Jesslyn and i quickly ran out of the toilet. We went back home with a frightened heart. I was dreaming of who was the one who was in the toilet.”A man or a ghost?” I asked myself.

The next day i went up to Jesslyn and said, “Jesslyn, don’t be

scared, it’s nothing, i know you are brave!” I consoled her, even it was a lie. From that day onwards, we dared not go to the fourth floor again. What do you think it was?

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