Don’t Say Too Much

There’s this time where I was about to ORD within just a month. I was previously from SAFTI everyone knows that place. I was a store man downgraded from guards. Ok enough said. Our MT line is near the main road, and access to our camp is a breeze where the security is still slack that time. Almost everyone can go in from the back passage that leads to MT line.

Besides the MT line are 4 banana trees. Well everyone knows that banana trees have spirits in them, I’m the one who doesn’t believe as i told my friend that they are just veggies, being atheist i just blurted “hmm so weird…. looks like a family, got father, mother, daughter and lastly their son.” The funny thing is that you can actually feel that they are a family. I asked my Master warrant officer about the history here. He said that previously before this place was built, it was a Malay kampong and this kampong was then deserted when a family of four who came back from hari raya wearing red, died in a fire when they came back from their relatives house being tired and they slept. No one noes how did the fire happened but rumors said that it was because his dad was a heavy smoker, and his cigarette got the house in flames and burned the whole family.

People said that they are restless due to because they are wearing red and they died in a fire. Knowing this from my MWO i was shocked, why? Because i have actually seen this Malay father spirit long ago when i was still new in SAFTI. I remembered that when i was doing duty on a Friday, i went to my bunker’s toilet to bathe, i noticed a man in his 50’s looking for something, he looked at me and asked for a cig, at that moment i just said “nanti, ya. saya pergi balik room to take rokok for you.” i came back with my cig and even lighted the cig for him. So when i remembered that, i freaked out and was stunned. At that time when the man in his sarong asked whether i have a cig or not it didn’t come across me why he is here in the wee hours of the morning, and why is there a man in his sarong… that time i tot that he is one of the workers sleeping over at their shed where we had renovations done at the back of our bunkers. My MWO was so scared that he drove me all the way to MEDICAL CENTRE to check for problems. My BP was 105 Hg! i was rushed to hospital and much worse that i was down with viral fever. After all these ordeal, sadly i need to do another week of NS before i can clear my leave. TO ALL GUYS and GALS out there. Do not tok to much otherwise you’ll become like me.

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