The Haunted Villa Nabila

I wish to share my experience with legit proof, but problem is the recorded data was lost in my old hard disk, corrupted and gone, so what I can share here is based on your imagination.

There was once we went to the most active grounds of paranormal activities going on in Malaysia, and it was a vacation trip, so our group were deciding to do an investigation in this area, a villa, Villa Nabila. As it was said to be the most active haunting grounds in Malaysia. It was a place said to have the owner died staying there, and the most we heard of a rape-killed case in that area.

So our group got prep with all our equipments, and get ready for the investigation. It was about noon time as we have set all equipments steady in place. As sunsets, we began our investigation. There were 4 of us, 2 of us are doing some monitoring while the both me and my friend went to do a surveillance sweep around the area.

At 10pm, as we continued on into the dark forest, we could hear of not even a slightest sound of a insect chirping that night, we got our night vision camera turn on as we do not want to make any distractions to the spirits with our flash lights. We walked into the entrance of the villa, it was purely abandoned without anyone, as we did our surveillance sweep in the noon time, to make sure nobody enters into our restricted area, there were no drug addicts or anyone just us.

It was deep in the forest, and 2 of my other friends were monitoring from their laptop’s outside and to watch if there is any suspicious activity going on. Then both of us continue into the living room, dark as it is, we still carry on, my friend holds a EVP with him as he record every session, we move on, and start asking questions.

Questions that were asked, are very common, and appropriate as we do not wish to rudely offend the owner from the other world. We asked few questions in Malay regarding on the history or what causes the death of the previous person who died here. about an hour, but there was nothing on our EVP.

Then we carried on, we had an app installed in our iphone, which was called the spiritvox, (as we do not have that much budget to get the original spirit box) so we use that as our advantage, about a few mins, we feel the chilled in our spines. We get to feel that the spirit is starting to manifest and using our energies to speak through the spirit box.. but to find out, the voice was heard with our own ears. So we could find out that it was really a higher power of manifestation in that area, we felt violence was there. And deep depression. Then we turned off the spirit vox, a lady’s sobbing was heard in the area not far from where we stood, we point the camera in the kitchen area, and we saw somewhat something like a white linen cloth move with a speed of light into another side..

We went into the kitchen to find out, but there was nothing, my friend, a Chinese, who knows about spiritual manifestation, ask a simple question to see if the spirit answers back, but then again we try with our EVP (also an app in the iphone) as we replay back the EVP we heard a voice saying “jangan datang..” and we knew the spirit wasn’t inviting us there, it was a clear warning that the spirit wants us to leave, but we insists as we needed clarification on what happen in that place years back.

So we continue going into the area, there were few typical bedrooms there, but we cant make out of it, as it was clearly abandoned, and somehow burned down before. But we can imagine it was a bedroom.

so we got into few rooms, there were no doors attached so we cant do a lock down like what we saw in GA. But anyways, we somehow got separated, I told my friend to check on the other side of the left hand side of the villa, while I go right, we put ourself on each rooms that we checked with our electromagnetic meter (meter for testing electricity works too) we used that in our advantage to feel any spiritual manifestation as they are mostly electromagnetic fields for this spirits.

At about 2.30am something moved outside of the window where I was sitting in the room, I asked my friends who are outside monitoring if they heard any noise. Both of them deny. Besides, both of my friends who are monitoring from outside, were distant away from the location. and the noise of bushes moving outside, so I went to peek a look outside, there was nothing.. I asked if there were anyone outside, but I got no response.. I used the EVP to check if I got any response but nothing.

my friend next door, heard capture a faint glow of orb in his camera when then he heard of a evil female laughter in his EVP, it was only heard in the EVP, then when the sound gets clearer by ears. I then also heard it, the laughter gets nearer and nearer. Thats when we saw a figure standing just on the other side of the room. The same figure we saw earlier on, white gown of someone. We gather our courage to explore the room, as the figure went into the room.

As we stood outside the room and look with our NV cameras this is what we saw something that like a while lady with long hair.

We got out of there as we were too afraid to continue the investigation and in the end it was a fail investigation. So we got out there and get the others out of the villa, one of us told us not to turn back, as the last word we heard was “mana ko nak lari?” and the laughter goes on and on, we return back to our hotel, and in the van as we were returning, my friend look outside the window, then suddenly the face of the same ghost that stares at us, scare us almost half to death, reached to the hotel, none of us even dare to close our eyes. The next day all of us fell sick.

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