Suicide Road

Ok, this really happened. About 10 years ago, I lived in Vietnam in a small urban town called Thu Duc. One year before that, one of my neighbor (a kid) decided to skip school on a hard rainy day to go play soccer w/ his friends and take a bath in the rain. While playing, he kicked his soccer ball into a small puddle so he decided to go after it.

Who would have guessed, a power line snapped because a piece of roof cover was blown by the harsh wind and fell on it. The kid was cruelly electrocuted as he ran into the puddle to get his ball, i mean, the sun of a gun was literally charred. Because of the sadness for the mother, our town decided to buried the kid where he died and the insider decided to call the small passage where the boy died “Suicide Turn”.

But the story is far from over. NO one from our town EVER use Suicide Turn after the sunset because we all believe that it was haunted for most of us experienced it first hand. If you want to see it for yourself, come to Suicide Turn in Thu Duc around ten o’clock, you can literally see a small child kicking a ball back and forth over to each side of the road not very far from the weed covered tombstone.

Anyway, one day a man decided to take “the road” to his wife’s house because it was a shortcut. Well, he made it. But he is not OK. Right after the short trip, his face swelled up as big as a platter and everyday he sat in the corner reciting “I’m bored, i need my mommy” all over, and over again. Because of the constant worry, his family decided to hired a priest and the priest suggested that it is too late to save the man because the restless and angry spirit of the boy has taken over his body so the only thing that they can do now is to lock him in the cellar and feed him only holy water and bathe him with a little dog blood in the washing water everyday to keep the spirit weak. “Suicide Turn” is no more now, a hospital was built on it last year. even though it is no more, it’s legends lives on.

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