D&T Block

The story that I am going to tell you is about a ghost called ‘Katherine’. Although i did not experience it myself but I know that it is true because all my seniors and the teachers know about it. As for me, i know it when i have my first camp early this year. THe story is that: When a girl is having her Engish lesson, she suddenly behaves strangly ( that is obesive bt her classmates ) and she keeps saying that her name is Katherine. This goes on for days and her english teacher asked her a few question. And she replied them like this;

E.T : Who are you? You are not my students!

‘Katherine’: I am katherine.

E.T : Where do you belong? Where is your home?

‘Katherine’: I will lead you to it .

E.T : O.k.

(And they walked to the D&T block . ) And when they reached the D&T block, the student fainted and after that, she could not remember anything at all. If you all don’t belive, you can go ask any teacher or the upper sec pupils.

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