Tampines Primary

This happened during a lesson with our english teacher, when my friend jenny went to the 3rd level toilet to relieve herself. After a while , the whole school heard some one screaming loudly. Then jenny from the 3rd level ran to the classroom at her fastest speed. When she got to the classroom, she was in a state of shock. After she calmed down, we asked her what happened. She said that there was a ghost in the toilet. At first we did not believe her so we asked her to describe how the ghost looked like.

She told us that half of the ghost was on one side of the wall in the toilet. It was the ghosts leg. So out of curiousity, she looked on the other side when she saw the top part of the ghost looking at her. It had a evil smile and the ghost seemed to be pointing two of its third fingers to her. She was too scared to move until she heard a flushing sound. To see if she was telling the truth, me and my friends went to see the ghosts for our selves.

When we got there, we stood there for a while then all of a sudden all of the toilets started flushing and taps running. It was so spooky that my friend urinated on his pants. Then we saw a ghostly figure and thats the time when we all run. If you all don’t believe me, go to the third level of tampines primary school toilet and see for yourself.

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