School Tales

I was a student from one of the sec schools in west zone (Jurong) and most of the students know these stories:

1. Toilet

It happened in the 3rd floor girls toilet. There was this girl who happen to go to this toilet, she was having her period and was there to change her pad. After which she forgot to dispose the used pad and leave it in the cubicle. She realised it later and went to back to the toilet thinking of disposing it. As she turn towards the cubicle she was stunt to see a woman back facing her as if she’s eating something. As the woman turn over, to the girl’s horror, the woman had blood all over her mouth….YES she was enjoying the blood from the pad !!!

2. Basket Ball Court

It was said that students who had the chance of camping in the school and happen to be at the basket ball court nearest to the road after midnight, will have a high chance of seeing hands stretching from outside the road.

3. Classroom

There was rumours that in one of the class room where the window faces the small gate of the school, one girl hang herself in the class room. Sometimes, people can still see figure sitting near the window late at night when all night classes are finished and school gate closed.

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