Chung Cheng High

This school has got alot of ghostly stories, as u all know, it very old already, and it was once occupied by the japanese during it’s occupation. It is famous for its beautiful lake, but, u know the story behind it? Deep under the lake, there was an underground passage way, which the japanese made to lead to the, i think, headquarters or somthing, but was now called the old auditorium, or grand hall. That time, during the japanese occupation, they use the room as torture room, which was bloody everywhere, and when a man is dead, they drag him to the place, under the lake. Then now, when u see the lake… beautiful right? At night, the small fountains will be closed, then means no ripples will form on the water surface. And if u look closely in the water, u will see the passage way.. Hehe, spooky rite? But then the teachers all told us the passgae way is cleared already…

This story is told by an old school attendant. Then, i got one account, true… and real. I was quite curious when i came to this school, as i heard alot of stories regarding the old auditorium, the back stage there. I decided to take a look there… No one want to accompany me go, so i go myself lor. It was… around… 3pm? I think so, and was raining very heavily. Then i go to the back stage, expecting an old piano there in the make- up room, as someone told me stories of it also. Then i saw it… and itchy fingers of mine go try a few notes there, old and rusty, but still produce quite good music lar. Then i ignore it, and go explore futher more. It was being renovated, but then the piano, i heard, was told to leave it alone. I don’t know why…

Haha, skip that, ok. The rooms right, was all connected to each other, so it seems endless. I started from the room beside the spiral stairway, and go in into another room which it led to another room too. Then i end up in a fork. I chose the right. It took me to my original place, beside the spiral stairway. Then feeeling frustrated, i take the stairway, then it lead me all the way to the 4th storey. And the journey seem long and dreadful. I was led to a door. I twisted the knob and it led me to an empty space, and i could see the whole stage from above. Then i saw a portrait, not surprisingly as i was told there was a portrait, but i don’t know where lar, so it was there… They say if you look at the portrait, his eyes will move slightly if you look closer. Haha, i’m having creeps as i type on… So… i look at his eyes lor… but then i saw some blood stain instead. It was dry lar… but also starting to feel kinda scared.

The floor was very dusty and filled with at least 5 mm of dirt. I go back to the stairs. I look down from the stairs and felt kinda dizzy… and i hurried my footsteps. I remembered the floor was not wet, as the windows were closed tightly just now, but now, as i go back, the floor was wet, but the windows were still closed tightly leh…I go back downstairs, but i can’t find my way out…. and i thought there should be a door leading out to the stage, but i did not see a door at all. Then i went to the rooms, and it all look the same to me. God!, it is creepy man… was a damn maze. After a while, i heard a thunder, very loud. I stop, heart skipped a beat. I saw a room, named library, and the tag was old and filthy. I suppose this is the creepy library they told me…the door was locked with chains, so i never go in, and try to find my way out. Lucky me, i got out from the maze eventually….

I told my frenz about my findings, they all had the same look on their face. I really don’t know why that day i was so daring, now my spine is chilling with eerie creeps when recalling that day.

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