Did You Hear It

It happen in my previous school three years ago. Which I was in primary six that year. It was a fine Monday morning. The time was about six something nearly to seven am, our school bells rang for everyone to assemble at the parade square for flat raising ceremony. My class was on the extremely right because we are in the upper primary and lower primary student will assember at the extremely left starting from primary one to primary six, as i’m in the last class.

While every student was sitting down and teachers are standing up marking our attendance, my friend heard music coming out from the extremely left which the primary one sitting near to the classrooms window. They ask me do you hear it? I’ve heard it too of cause, i told them. It was a beautiful music play by piano. It was strange because our school every music room have been locked up by the school cleaner and will be opened by music teachers when they are having music class with the students. And it’s impossible that the music play by the cleaner as all the cleaner was in the parade square too. So I and my friends look behind as all teachers standing at the back, no music teachers missing as our school only have five music teachers. And it’s impossible the music is play by our teachers as every single teachers was assember at the parade square.

Everyone heard the music coming out from our school music room. Students getting more and more noisy until our principal got to go up to the stage and ask the whole school to keep quiet. One of our discipline master ask all of our school prefects to open up all the classrooms window. A few minutes later the music was gone. After the flat rising ceremony was over, every student was send back to the class. All my classmates started to talk about the strange music coming out from the music room this morning. Who is the ONE who was playing the piano??

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