RSS Toilet

Well i read the story of one of my school mates story about the Riverside Secondary School’s toilet. Well i don’t know who he/she is but i wanna meet he/she soon. His/her story is really true. I am 15 now. When i was in Secondary 1 few years back, this incident happened in the toilet of the second storey. I was in the afternoon session so after school, instead of going to the assembly area, i went to the school toilet. I had a real urgency to do my natures call. Bet you i was alone in that toilet to say……i actually asked my friend to accompany me but she insisted that she wanted to go for the assembly. So i was alone lah! I went into 1 of the cubical, when i was doin my nature’s call i heared a flush…I was glad actually as i thought there was someone else in the toilet so that i don’t need to be alone.

When i came out, there was no one else. There was no one in the whole toilet. Thinking that the person must have left, i washed my hands and was about to go out when i heared another flush from the toilet. Walau..i tell you lah! I was scared to wits you noe. There was no one. I could see that all the toilet doors were open…… I ran out….my friend was actually outside….i asked her if anyone left the toilet, she said no! It was then that i knew it was a strange thing there. Well from then, i never did go to the 2nd story toilet…..

ps: RSS students, juz be carefull of what u r doing in the 2nd stroy toilet.

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