East Coast Ghost

Hi everyone well…this happened to me and my friend some years ago…when we are still in our secondary school days. Well my class had a gathering at east coast. Our barbeque pit was near to the chalet. So everyone was enjoying ourselves…when my friend and i decided to go home. It was only about 8pm at that time. As we think that it was still early, we decided to take the short cut home as both of us stay in bedok.

Well after i’ve experienced what i’m going to tell you later, i realised that ghost appear even as early as that. OK here i go….My friend and i was walking and chatting when i saw that the sand was extremely smooth that day, so i told my friend,”Hey..look at the sand, its smooth and beautiful.” I don’t know why but my friend scolded me for saying these. Well i was shocked and i defended myself..telling my friend why can’t i say that the sand is beautiful. At that time my friend’s face was pale. Then she asked me “Did you see what i see?” Well the way my friend talk kind of spook me. I turned to where she was looking and saw a lady in black, lying on the sand..with her face glowing..looking at my friend. I told my friend to keep quite and keep on walking. The scariest part is that the thing followed us. You see my friend was having her menses and some people believe that these that these things like girls having their period.

Well it followed us and i can hear the leaves rustling above us and i can really feel her presense flying above us. Well it followed us quite a distance..Untill now i still don’t understand where the thing has gone to..and lucky for us, it has not harmed us in anyways.

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