East Coast Chalet

This incident happened for the past 5 years and on that time, I was only 18 years old. I was very excited on that day as my friends and I (5 gals) together planning for the chalet, our meeting place were at my house cause all the preparation was done at my house but unfortunately, two of my friends couldn’t make it as they had to work. We still had to go cause we had already pay for our stay for 4 nights. To cut it short, when we reached at the destination…everthing was fine, we put our belongings and getting ready to go for a swim. On that time was only half past 5, we went back around 7. We were exhausted, and after a bath, we planned to play cards..It was a boring night cause there was only two chalets were occupied but the other one is right far ahead… At about 10:00pm, we could felt how deserted and quiet night, we could only heard the singing of crickets and lizards..

We were really tired, we were about to sleep when there was someone knocking our door…When we opened it, there was two young couples asking about their friends chalet but so far that we had noticed that there was only our chalet and the other one was occupied by a chinese family..but they we asking for a malay gal name whom they claimed that was their friends…It was weird..

We went back to sleep when suddenly there is a loud thud sound that came from the roof top. We did not bother that much and we continuing to sleep, then we heard someone throwing small pebbles at the kitchen window, we still did not bother that much..and then the scratching sound which come from the kitchen’s window, we also heard a sound-like animal like a duck…quek…quek…One of my friends told me that it is her(pontianak) from the soft sound-like duck it change to a high pitch screeching sound which made our hair stood up, cold sweat dripping down all of us. We were terrified by that sound. I was shivering cause this is my first experience..Luckily our doors and windows were locked and the windows were covered with curtains…We still heard the eerie sound and the most unforgetable night was when it fly around our chalet and the door…There was someone banging at the back door trying to break opened..Luckily, we knew some prayers…we utter some prayers together hoping to get rid of that thing. Everything when back to normal after that..

At about 6:00am, I told my friends that it was already 6:00(as malay belief that at 6:00am, this creature gone as they were terrified and couldn’t bear to hear the morning prayer) but there was the creature. This time, it made a very loud screeching sound..It was a nightmare to us as we did not get to sleep till 10:00am.

So gals out there, don’t go out to chalet especially on thursday and not all gals maybe mixed with guy is much safer and better..

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