WELL… i am not that sure if what i saw is real but it did seem real….

I still remember that it was at night and i had a phone call and my brother was screaming at me like mad to ask me to answer. As i did not want to get scolded by him, i just quickly pick up the phone without switching on the lights. Than i sat on the chair and chat with my friend.

I was chatting and looking around when i saw something like a huge eye at the stairs. i though it was my imagination at first thus i look away and look again look away and look again but it was still there! i got really scare but pretended like there was nothing and kept looking at it and away. I rush my friend to put down the phone but it was only awhile later did she put the phone down.

I put down the phone and walked briskly away and finally breaking into a ran. I told what i saw to my cousin and bought her there to take a look without switching on the lights. She could not see it but i could still see it there. Then, we went back to the living room and i explained to her where was it. Then we went again but she still cannot see it and i can. then my aunt on the lights and took a look too. They both couldn’t see it but it was still there! It was only after my grandma came and i pointed to her but realised it was no longer there anymore….

Well, that is all. Whether to believe is up to u.

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