The Haunted House

There was a house beside a river. It is said that a couple jumped into the river(during a storm)and of course they died. They will get married two days later but just as i said,they died. When a family moved into this house beside the river,they begun experiencing unexplained things. The first thing that happened to them is when they heard a boy and a girl laughing downstairs. When their father run downstairs,there was nobody. Next was when they heard pots and pans clattering at the kitchen. The next one is when things get lost and then found floating at the river. With all this scary things happening, they moved out after 2 months.

The second haunted house is owned by a antique lover. One day she saw a big i mean HUGE cabinet. It is hard to open.the only way to open it is to break it up.of course the owner refuses. The cabinet smells rotten and day after day the smell grew worser. The owner finally gave up and she let them break or open the closet but they found nothing. Since the day they broke the cabinet,weird stuff happen like demons appearing in the mirror,footsteps upstairs but there’s no one there and doors and windows closing and opening.

The last one is a house with a floating head appearing. This was experienced by a 14 year old boy. The next thing that happened is a shadow walking here and there.

Well that’s all i can say. So next time you moved in a house be careful……………….

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