This happened to me during 1996 at my first girlfriend’s class chalet. Me and my ex-girlfriend likes to play with pen-spirit(Bi Xian). We played it frequently and nothing happends to us until i joined her class chalet…

There were the whole class of students attended the chalet. So, on the first day evening, we all went out together to have dinner. After dinner, the rest went to play bowling and only 8 of us including me and my ex-girlfriend, returns to our chalet.

It was around 8pm where we got nothing to do. So, my ex-gf and i decided to play the pen-spirit while the rest of the 6 watched us. We managed to invite a female ghost. Her name is Fiona and she was 19 years old. I couldn’t remember what i asked her but the light in the kitchen suddenly blow out. We were very scared that we didn’t invite her back and just run back to our room on the second storey. (2 storey chalet, you see.) And the pen and paper was left there.

Maybe it was due to technical fault that the light blow out. So we were not that scared. We hid in the room and play cards then. Soon, the other group came back from bowling and they all joined us in the room telling ghost story but we didn’t mentioned about the light blow. I was also sure that each and everyone of us is inside the room and none of us is at the first level living room.

After telling some ghost story, this girl Daphne, went to the ladies by herself on the first level. Nobody accompany her and she went alone. Then we continued our ghost story and when she came back, she asked if any of the girls went to the living room. We all said no. But Daphne claimed that she heard a female voice singing and talking at the living room.

Spooky isn’t it? We were all very puzzled and scared since no one was in the living room, where did the sound came from? Then i recalled back about the pen-spirit, i played with my ex-gf. Being the eldest there, i held my gf’s hand and we both went down to the living room and re-invite the ghost.

We managed to invite the same ghost cos we did asked her name and she responded that she was the same girl, Fiona. We apologised to her for our foolish questions and invited her back. Then my ex-gf and i tore the paper and pen and threw it away. Everything is back to normal.

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