Followed Wrong Bogeyman

This incident happened in a school in Yishun and is quite a popular school. The Sec 1 was having a induction camp. At night the prefects of the school held a bogeyman game. The rules of this game is simple. We were to catch those prefect dress as bogeyman.

So the Sec 1 being group into different groups set off to have fun and thats when the danger start. One group saw someone dressed in green clock with a hood covering his face and worse it was dark so it was hard to tell. So they assumed that was one of the “bogeyman”.

They chased after the bogeyman. The bogeyman ran to the grass patch which separates the school from a primary school and right in front of them, the bogeyman disappeared. After that they search around there but the wasn’t allow to cross it as they have to stay within the school.

Soon the time was up so they when back empty handed. When they return, all the prefects and other group was there already and when they asked the prefect who has acted as the bogeyman and which was at the grass patch ….not a single prefect said they did..and they were all dressed in brown and not green…

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