Possession At Camp

This one is based on two experiences on a 2D1N camp. Its both isolated cases but happened roughly at about the same time.

Alright, during the camp, decided to go for some walk around the camp. Me and two other ballsy idiots *yes i admit I’m a ballsy idiot for even suggesting it* headed over to the staircase landing hidden away from the teacher’s view. What made it more convenient was that there was a gap that even I could squeeze through. *I’m beefy* Anyways, we decided to go on a ghost hunt on ourselves. The other gang was in the A.V.A room.

“You sure anot?”

My friend asked, I replied with a middle finger to his face and asked him if he’s scared he can join the AVA gang. He shrugs and squeezes through the gap too, so now we turned on the video recorder and start taping, making some drama blair witch project introduction. My friend brought his cybercam. Stating ghosts less camera shy than video shy. I don’t care, as long as we got some ghost footage, the AVA gang will treat us to Seoul Garden, and I wasn’t passing that up.

Anyways, as soon as we reached the 3rd floor. *Note that the 3rd and 4th floors are locked up i my school, I finally understand why.* We slowly crept from 1 classroom to the other, filming quietly and snapping pictures, it was freaking scary, even though only us three, and to top that off, I was the one filming the thing.

Our school classrooms are all lined up in an “L” shape so it was pretty fast, zooming through the rest, every classroom we filmed made us calmer and calmer. There was obviously no ghosts, so we decide the finish up the rest of the videoing and get back to the AVA room.

BUT! So unfortunately, as we entered the last classroom, the previous one we just left. Well, we heard noises, shuffling of feet and slight scraping of table and chair legs.

“Basket, that’s f*cked, must be the AVA idiots.”

I said and quickly entered the previous room. What I saw was a woman in white, facing the cupboard located at the back of every class. I thought it was the AVA idiots and quietly videotaped it. But then I realised she was semi translucent. I nearly pissed my pants.

“Bloody hell, zao, zao….”

I hiss at the other two, and we freaking ran for it, we jumped down two flight of stairs and went I didn’t even know I had squeezed through the gap when the Teacher-in-charge stopped me, He said not to look back and follow him to the AVA room. I knew better not to look, but I still had my video cam, so I angled it so I had a clear, but upside down picture of what was behind me.

Anyway, I noticed the AVA room people were all outside, cold sweating like siao. mumbling alot of things and stuff.

“You all damn heng!”

My teacher scolding me and the other two.

“You all ah! Tell you not to go please don’t go, see lah! how to conduct any more activities? All gather your stuff from the AVA room and bring it to the teacher’s office!” *It was originally planned as a 2D3N camp*

Anyway, the guys didn’t want to go in, so me and the other 2 went in, what we felt was freaky, the room was ice-cold. I felt the urge to videotape the room, but the other two quickly gathered as much stuff and rushed out of the room, I however, wanted to move but I couldn’t. What I saw through the video was like this.

There was a bunch of chairs stacked at the back of the class, and there was this guy sitting among it, he was staring straight forwards, but after awhile he slowly turned his head and glared at me. His eyes damn red. Then after that, I blacked out.

I woke up to find myself in the teacher’s office, they told me I was screaming like crazy, shouting in Hokkien to *get out* I hardly know Hokkien, so it came as a surprise, anyway. The videotape I got was freaky, I watched carefully and noted that as soon as I entered both the classroom and AVA, the video became fuzzy and screamed shrilly.

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