Fort Siloso

Many years ago, I visited Fort Siloso at Sentosa with my dad and our visitor from overseas. The four of us – my dad, my uncle (the visitor), my cousin and me were in a good mood as we were touring Sentosa by the monorail (the monorail was still in operations back then. My dad and uncle were interested in war stuff so we decided to stop at Fort Siloso to take a look at the buildings and cannons there.

Everything was pretty good as we climbed around the Fort Siloso and took pictures with the cannons around. But finally we decided to go and walk the underground bunk.

It was really hot outside, but the moment we went in, it was like the air con was turned on. Which is totally weird because I couldn’t see any air con around. But I had to do the stupid thing and started to stare at all the dark corners of the long bunk to see if i can spot an air con. Barely 20 steps in to the tunnel, I realize someone or something was watching me. All the hair on my arm was raised. I scan around the bunk, there were tourist in front of us but they were talking and looking around. My dad and uncle were busy talking with my cousin.

The feeling of being stared at was getting harder to ignore and the vibes i get was that the thing or person was not pleased with me. I started to turn around to find the source to pinpoint the area where the person/thing was. I couldn’t see anything in the dark bunk but I could sense a presence at one dark corner. I wanted to run and scream at this moment as I can sense the anger and resentment in the stare.

But yet I felt silly so i just fasten my pace and let my dad and uncle catch up with me. When we finally exit the tunnel, my dad turned and looked at me and said,” Why are you so pale? You look like you have seen a ghost?” I was closed to tears at the moment. But I figured if the presence did nothing to me, i better pray and ask for forgiveness. So as we all walked away, I started to chant a little Buddhist pray and ask for forgiveness. That was the end of the story then.

A few years later I went back to Sentosa to do camping with my friends and we started to explore the different areas of the island (I refused to go Fort Siloso). We came along this old building that is like bunks or classrooms. It was empty and strangely all the windows and doors are wide open. We were just walking past it when I go that feeling of being watched. Without saying much, I whispered to my friend to start walking very fast. When they hear the urgency of my voice they started to walk very fast but silently with me. All the time, I was chanting Buddhist chant. Suddenly, without warning, a few of the doors of the building started to bang shut. At that moment, all of my friends started to run. I hesitate and look back, there was no wind blowing that afternoon, the trees around barely moved. But I saw a few doors bang shut on their own and open again. Needless to say that was the last time i visited that area. But today, I cant recall where this building was…does anyone?

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