School Quarters

My brother and his friends loved to play together while in school. As long as there was free time, these young boys who were then studying in a now-demolished primary school near Upper Pierce Reservoir would play.

Being adventurous, they explored every nook and cranny of the school compound. One of their favorite haunts was the vacant school quarters which used to be home to the former school caretaker and his young family. There were 2 quarters which were located at the other end of the vast school field and building and near a power station. On the right hand side stood a row of private terraces and on the other side was the forest.

My brother and his friends played in and around this quarters occasionally. The doors were unlocked so they had free access to every room and the backyard.

One afternoon, they explored that place merrily as they had done many times before. While they were playing hide-and seek around the quarters, they suddenly heard something. They stopped dead in their tracks and screamed their hearts out before running away from the quarters like headless cockroaches. Since that afternoon, they never returned to that quarters again.

My brother related me this encounter a few times but he did not tell me what he and his friends heard. I thought the disturbance they encountered came from within the vacant quarters but my brother said no. He finally told me what had happened that day.

They were playing in that quarters when they suddenly heard a high-pitched female laughter that originated from the power station. That power station was located at the edge of the school field and was several metres away from the quarters. Surrounding that power station were rows of terraces.

The school is now gone but the power station is still there now. After hearing my brother’s story, I dare not walk past that area again.

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