Hostel In Bangkok

In 2005, I made a trip to Bangkok alone. Prior to travelling, I did some research on the Internet to book a cheap hostel room in Bangkok. I decided to stay at this modern hostel in a private housing estate.

The hostel was 4-storey high. I was allocated a 4-female bedroom on the top floor. When I arrived at the hostel, it was already past midnight. I opened the bedroom door quietly so as not to disturb the 2 backpackers who were sound asleep. I chose to sleep at the upper bunk of double decker beds a the 2 lower bunks were occupied. When I woke up the next day, I was alone. The 2 female backpackers had left the hostel.

On the second night, I returned to the hostel late at night. When I unlocked the bedroom door, I realized I had the room to myself that night. That did not pose a problem to me as I was used to sleeping alone. After cleaning up, I moved my personal belongings from the upper bunk to the lower bunk of the same bed.

I was already in bed and the room was cooled by the air-conditioning unit. Before I drifted to sleep, I had an unusual experience. A thought suddenly crossed my mind, asking me what if the bed shook. Immediately, the double decker bed shook violently for a few seconds! I just pretended to ignore the shake and stayed put under the blanket as if nothing happened. I thought that if I ignored the mischief, ‘it’ would give up and go away.

Seconds later, I felt a mysterious cool breeze that blew directly under my blanket from an unknown source behind my left shoulder. That could not be the breeze from the air-conditioning unit as the unit was located above the double decker bed.

The next day, I woke up feeling all right. I could not explain what happened last night though. So, I got ready to explore Bangkok that day and returned late at night again.

By the third day, I was feeling apprehensive about sleeping in that bedroom alone. I wanted to check out and looked for another hostel but I had already paid for a 4-night stay in full when I checked in on the first night. At that time, I did not know I had the right to request to change the room, which I did not exercise. So, I braved myself to sleep inside that creepy room for 2 more nights.

That night, after cleaning up, I stayed up outside the room seating on a couch and watching television. I thought I could delay the time to be spent in that room by staying up very late at night. Unfortunately, a tired body and mind needed to rest. I had not choice but to go to bed.

As I stood beside the double decker bed before I slipped in, I saw a tall skinny translucent white apparition standing in front of me beside the head of the bed. I could not see its face but only its lanky body without arms or hands. It looked as if it wore a white robe. Seconds later, it disappeared into thin air.

Mysteriously, I was not disturbed that night and on the last night. I never return to that hostel since then and still could not believe that a bed could shake on its own without a logical explanation.

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