Gal Possessed

The experience i am gonna tell you happened to my teacher. If u are a damai student …. for ur info it happened on 2000 to cikgu hayati. She told us the story.. this year

It was after PSLE when cikgu was not in.. one of the gals ask the other students to play a spirit game. They all ignored her though….She was alone and she described the ghost and she shouted harshly “Come play with me you ghost!” and then she saw the ghost which she described out the window .. staring at her.

After that, she started shouting and all her frens were terrified that they went out of the class. The gal started messing up her friends’ bags! When my teacher (cikgu hayati) came back the other students told her what happened. She was actually terrified when she saw the gal’s condition but as a teacher, she had to do something.

She told the gal to read some muslim prayers but she keep saying “I can’t, i can’t”. My teacher read some prayers and put her hand on the gal’s head. The gal started shouting. She was better after the prayers and wanted to go to the toilet but not alone. So my teacher had to follow her. At the toilet, she started screaming saying that she saw the ghost squatting on the cubicle door staring down at her.. I did not really know what happen in the end because my teacher did not want to scare some of the gals.

It happened on the third floor at the new block and the class was situated at the far end of the level.

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