The Coffin Under The Stage

When I first got into my secondary school, I heard many ghost stories from my seniors and one of them is the story of the coffin buried under my school’s stage.

It was said that the coffin was buried there to appease the spirit of a wealthy man.

As I am a free thinker, I did not believe about the story. So I decided to check out for myself with a few of my dare devil friends.

That day, I stayed back in school with my friends by hiding in the classroom. When night arrived, we went to the hall and went to the backstage. There was a small door enough for a kid to fit in and under the stairs hidden away from other people. We crawled under the door and moved slowly inside. As we moved in, the air became colder and colder. The hair on my back were standing up. There was also a stench in there.

Suddenly, our torchlight shone onto something big and solid. To our shock, it was coffin and there were talisman pasted all over it. We immediately rushed out of there and never stayed back late again.

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