Who Close The Light

This story happen to me and my fren. In the morning befor we went to school, i usually drop down her house and went to school together.

So as usual we went to the school by the back gate of the school. There is the toilet when we entered the school building. When we entered the back gate, we saw the toilet light was on. We taught our friend was in there, so we wanted to switch off the light. The minute we switch off the light, we heard a voice saying ‘Oi siape tutup lampu aku nak berak?'(Oi who is switching off the light, i want to do business). So we laugh…. When we open the toilet door, we saw a lady with her angry face look at us angryly. We were very scared and ran as fast as we could to the class room.

When we were in the classroom, the classroom was dark. When we sat down, the light suddenly switch off. Suddenly, we saw a lady saying that ‘Lain kali tengok orang kalau nak tutop lampu’ (next time look out for people before switching off the light). We just shook our head. Suddenly the door open. We close our eyes and shout as loud as we could. When we open our eyes, our chairman look at us puzzlly. Then he said what happen to us but we just kept quite. No one knoes what happen to us. Every lesson something was wrong with the two of us. We must stand outside the classroom till the end of the day, except recess.

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