Gan Eng Seng Sch

The old gan eng seng school used to be at spottiswoode park but it shifted to tiong bahru this year. Anyway, the old site was very haunted especially the 4th level and the technical blk. I heard many stories from my seniors when they camped in school and also had some personal experiences.

1. This happened last year when my friend and i were looking for J. J had did badly for her exam and we thought she might do something foolish. We came to the technical blk’s toilet(on the 1st level) and my friend suggested going in to look for J. When we entered, the 1st cubicle’s door was 3/4 closed and we heard someone sobbing inside. We thought it was J and decided to call out to her. There was no reply but the sobbing continued. My friend was scared and thus, i went to push open the door slowly. To our surprise, no one was inside…We were scared out of our wits and decided to leave the place quickly. When we were just about to walk out, we heard the sobbing again and the other cubicles were empty. Who could that be?

2.One of my seniors told me his personal experience when he was having his camp in school. He was in sec 3 then. Anyway, they slept at one of the 4th floor’s classrooms.(it was rumoured that it’ll be very dangerous to stay at the 4th level after 6pm cos there’ll be alot of unclean things) That night before they slept, his NCOs told them not to stare at the ceiling fans. If they did, they’ll see terrible things. So, my senior listened to them and stared at the ceiling instead (cos he could not sleep). He saw a white figure floating across the classroom, from one corner to another and then disappeared. He was scared stiff and shut his eyes. The next morning he told his NCOs about the incident. His NCOs said that he was actually quite lucky cos he only saw a white figure. This was because last time, when his NCOs where in lower secondary, they saw a head hanging on the fan with a rope. The head was without a body and there was blood dripping down. Therefore, they’d always tell their juniors not to stare at the fans in the classrooms at night.

3. This happened to one of my seniors. It was our cross country day in 1998 and all the students were at McRitchie Res. No one would be in school. However, my senior had to go back to school in the morning (before the cross country) to do something. He went into the canteen’s toilet and was sure he was the only one inside. While combing his hair, he heard someone sneezing. Seconds later, he heard the toilet flushed and the banging of the toilet door. Who could that be since he’s the only one there? He quickly left the toilet and was walking towards the ECA room when he saw an old lady cleaner walking up the central staircase. He was a bit surprised cos it was only 5am and there she was going up to wash the toilet..wasn’t that strange? He stared at her and after a few blinks, she was gone. The old lady cleaner died more than 20 years ago and she still haunts the school. She was always seen in the hall sweeping the floor or walking around the ECA rooms, foyer and 4th floor.

4.The 4th floor girl’s toilet is really creepy even in the day. It’s very nicely decorated with pink tiles and very different from the other girl’s toilets.(gessians would know what i mean). It was said that a girl gave birth in the toilet but somehow, the baby died inside. Months later, the girl hanged herself in the same toilet and both the girl and her baby still haunts the toilet. Once, i went to the toilet with my friend and upon entering it, i heard a baby crying. I stood still at the door and my friend asked what happened. She did not hear anything and said i was hearing things. The worse part was that when we were about to leave, i heard a girl talking in the last cubicle. I was sure that no one was inside and who could that be? There were sounds of baby crying too…Whatever it is, don’t go up to the 4th level after 6pm. Now, the school is taken over by Bukit Merah Sec Sch. If u don’t believe, u can go n check it out..The whole school is haunted and the safest place is the canteen. 90.htm Good luck to students of bukit merah sec, be careful…

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