Bukit View Sec School

Hi.. i used to be a student in Bukit View Secondary School and now i’ve just graduated from the school.. Its really spooky sometimes of having a thought on going to that school cos the toilets there are….HAUNTED..!

There was once, my friends and i decided to go to the toilet on the 2nd floor but too bad the attendant was busying cleaning the toilet bowls. As you can see, our school used to be a place where the Japanese used to invade in and now the spirits are still lying around somewhere( i don’t know). But there’s one particular incident where one female student have tried to kill herself in one of the toilets on the 4th storey, which was the highest in the building. She was immensely depressed over her boyfriend who had made her to become pregnant and along with her schools’ exams that are coming at that time..

It was a three day orientation camp for the sec ones, and i, as the one of the school counsellor are appointed to take charge and look after them.. I have no choice but to obey. I was sitting at one corner of the room when one particular girl came up to me and asked for my permission to go to the toilet. She looked so nervous and she was trembling. Her face was as white as ghost. I asked her what happened but she said nothing. Out of the blue, she suddenly run towards the toilet on the 4th storey. I tried calling on to her name but was ignored. I was counting on the number of heads before we went to sleep when suddenly………….a voice whispered….Saaaaa…rrrrr…aa….hhhhh(not my real name). I turned but i saw no one, instead the girl who’s in the first place approached me was there rite behind me. She stared at me indignantly.I sensed that somethin was wrong. I tried to call my partner, but she was busying counting the number of pupils in her group.

I asked the girl “Where the hell have you been going to? What take you so long to go to the toilet? Come on. Just get back to your position!” i ordered. She never said a single word, but instead she let out a wicked smile. As i examined her from the corner of my eye, i noticed that her dress was far too long that the dress she used to where just now. This time it was so long that it covers her feet.. I can’t see her feet at all. But maybe i was just imagining things. After counting the number of pupils, i switch off all the lights and all of us went to sleep.

Later, in the middle of the night, i heard the sound of footsteps by the main door. I tried to open my eyes a little but to my dismay, nobody was there. The sound of footsteps still can be heard and it becomes louder each time as if it was coming nearer and nearer to me. I closed my eyes tight. My heart was pumping each time. Then something caught my attention. A strong smell of the frangipani filled the atmostphere. It was so strong that i don’t know what happened to me after that.

” Hey (my name)! Wake up! What are you doing here? Its really stuffy in here and it really smelllssss! Hahahaha! You’ve got nothing better to do issit? Come on, wake up friend. You’ll be late for the morning exercise. Mr Tan is looking for you downstairs. He want to see you.” i heard my friend called. I was so shocked at what i’m seeing now. I was siting at one corner in the toilet, clutching tightly to myself from head to toe. I was so confused. As i reached for the mirror to comb my hair, an appearance caught me in the eye. It was the same girl i’ve seen last night and she was smiling at me. This time, there was somebody beside her. She was a tall lady(about my height) and staring at me. I was so scared!

I quickly ran out of there!!! Fuhhhh….. Soooo Frightening! Beware!! More ghost Stories on our School coming Up!!!!!

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