Classroom Girl

There goes once there are a gal who failed her exams in A levels, under lots of pressure and scare being scolded by her parents, being a laughing stock in front of her friends…..she hung herself in a 3rd storey classroom. She is a student of yishun junior college or should i say `was` cos she is still patrolling the corridors of the 3rd storey classroom. Female students have seen her appearing in the mirrors of the 3rd storey girls toliets floating in the midair watching them combing their hair…

Me as a guy thought all this stories are craps, how can i show fear in front of the gals so i make a bet with some of my friends saying i will get into the college through the back gate facing the sembawang road at a thursday midnight when holidays and able to stay in college for 2 hours…a daredevil friend volunteered to accompany me in that or maybe because of the bet which is $100 cash…

On that night, the atmosphere is cool cos of a rain at about 10pm making it more eerie but i can’t back out now…At about 12am all of our friends are present waiting outside the college asking me to get it over fast and get into the college. My daredevil friend james soon climbed over the gate into the college then i follow suit. We decided to go to the 3rd storey and hid there passing the time by smoking for 2 hours.

Just after 30 minutes, we smell something fragrant, we look around immediately but saw nothing instead we saw an old man carrying something on the back on the corridors on the 1st storey. Why was there an old man in the college at this time? We take closer look at the thing he is carrying. TO OUR SHOCK, it is a coffin!!!! We wasn’t sure what to do, we are stuck at the 3rd storey!…..

Suddenly, we heard a young girl shouting our names in chinese but we are the ONLY ones in college now and who is that girL~? We hurried to the toliets(we wasn’t sure whether it is a male or female toliets at that time) We are DAMN SHOCKED to see an old woman licking a bloody cotex, the old woman turned her head towards us…The scary thing is she got no facial organs! We shouted for help and ran towards the back gate but fuck up MAN…We saw a girl in college uniform in a 3rd storey classroom walking towards a hoop and hung herself, but she was dead cos she floated to the hooP! We standed to root outside the classroom, our minds are in blank, the girl soon turn her head 180 degrees facing us waving her hands asking us to join her!!!

WHaT FucK, we ran to the back gate, we thought we will be saved after meeting our friends but to our surprise, we saw 5 of our friend instead of 4. So, who is the extra one. ALL of us ran like MAD to the nearest 7 eleven leaving a girl at the back who is laughing in a shriek sound, scaring the wits out of we guys.


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