Haunting At Sec 3 Camp

Well, guys, here i am back again. I was caught up with my school stuffs. Anyway, this is continuation of the Sec 3 Haunting Camp.

The girls were surrounding me with them just praying and chanting. Even the Buddhist girls were chanting away, but I guess that didn’t help much. I was still screaming hysterically, and I was saying something like ‘ ee… oooo..aaaahhh…’ It was really scary cause when it was happening to me, I did realize what I was doing, but I could not stop whatever I was screaming about. It was totally terrifying.

The figure was still in my mind. I remembered its long hair, and its swaying body, the way it perched on top of the Y-shaped tree. The way it swayed its body and the way it was waving its hair, made the hair stand on its end. It was all black, but I could see that it was still staring at me.

I was immediately rushed to the teachers quarter, after I was made quiet. But things weren’t getting any better, the thing was still make that eerie sound outside the quarters. The teacher who was taking care of me heard it too, and she was trembling.

She called my father, who was at home in Simei, to come down all the way to the Jalan Bahtera camp. By then, it was already 10.00pm. My day was naturally worried. THe phone was passed to me, but what could I say? I was just crying the whole way through.

It was during 11.00pm, when I was lying down, feeling a bit calmed because there was this teacher who was really nice to me, and told me not to worry. But… the thing started to just make that eerie sound. I was sure that it was just outside. I was shaking, shaking so hard, and it went for a while, and I kept on crying cause it was scary.

It stopped before 5 minutes when my dad came. He came along with my so pious uncle, who does all this spooky stuff. When he saw me, he asked me to step outside, cause he was taking me home, but I didn’t want, because the thing was still there, outside.

I wanted to move, but I was scared. I kept telling him that the thing was outside. He said something and just took his hands and covered my eyes. I tried to open it, but couldn’t. It hurt.

When I was led outside, I thought I heard the thing, but I couldn’t see. When led outside the gate, all the hairs on the back of my neck was standing, and I was crying. But I couldn’t see. Then, my uncle shouted something, but I don’t know what.

I was quickly shuffled to the back of the car. That was when I opened my eyes, and it was directed to the thing who was now CROUCHING on top of the tree. The hair was still being messed around, but it was glaring at me, with it’s body bent just like an old woman.

My dad saw it too, and he said ‘Astarghfillah’ halazim’.

The thing was crouching as if to jump on the car. But my uncle saw what was to be happening, and he just said a verse of arabic and the thing, sort of like backed off.

Without hesitation, we raced through the lane with all 19 humps, destroying the skirting of my uncle’s car.

The thing is still vivid in my mind, with it’s swaying body and it’s swinging hair…

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