Ghost It LT

I heard this thing from my soccer teacher who said before the college was build, the cemetery haf to be cleared but sum of the bodies are left behind in the land and sum of it are juz underneath the soccer pitch of yjc. Everytime its rains, crows began to fly low on the soccer pitch even if we guys are training on the rain…Things got a bit more scarier when our coach said the part where the crows landed has a body under it. But we are not the stupid anyway to believe in him.

Camps in the college always ended early at 9 or 10pm due to sum disturbtances in the halls when the guys are playing games in the hall at late night time. There are a tunnel connecting the hall 2rd storey and the 1st storey the whole stretch of tunnel seems very dark and sumthing is lurking inside the tunnel.

A girl is rumour to die in the girl changing room near the hall kinda remote at evening as the lights always dies out there. Girls complained seeing faces in the mirrors now thus the college change the girls changing room into a guys one making we guys to suffer after soccer training….We rather change in clean clothes in open ground than to go into the scary looking room after soccer training…

One of the LT(i cant say which one) is always colder than the other 3 LT also rumour to have a student killed him or herself in it…Students staying overnight in the college studying or camping the college complain to the principal that they saw a green pale face in the control room and students doing their work in the LT late into the evening felt their shoulders being tapped on by behind and there are nobody else in the LT so who is the culprit…That really SCARE the hell out of them…

Students studying stayed back late in night in the college finds remote places near the science labs benches to sit on…while the late evening the whole stretch of road to the labs are really darks and once students seen some white stuffs flying in the mid air…They ran away as fast as they could shouting all the way to the study corner where the teacher on duty leaving their bags and notes behind in the benches.

There are also stories about the containers at the back of the college near the science labs laZzz…

continue with my stories next time……

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