Ghost Of Old Jalan TWISS

TWISS pupils are very happy to move into a new building. The old building has been used by several schools and this ghostly encounter was seen or heard by many pupils including residents around the old building.

When I was a primary school kid, my primary school was at TWISS old building. Many of my seniors told me something roamed in this school in a particular room, but I did not believe it, so I decided to check it out with a few of my friends. We went back late in the evening when the school gates were opened for the afternoon section pupils to leave. We crept into this isolated building in campus two. My friends and I went around all three levels of this building and while my friends were laughing at my joke, I was scanning around the level I was on and room 32 caught my eye. It was locked for a very long time as I can see because the chains and the padlocks were all rusty and full of dust. My friends and I pulled at the lock and it broke loose. We entered the room. It was all musty and sudenly, a shriek came out of my friends mouth. She pointed her index finger upwards towards the ceiling and I saw blood dripping. I screamed and so did the rest of my friends. The guys thought it was just a trick to fool them so they continued to explore the room.

The door slammed shut. The guys finally believed it was not a trick because none of us were near the door. I tried to open the door but the door was closed and shut tightly. All my friends and I got really scared and we wanted to get out of the room. Suddenly, a Mother Mary statue caught my eye. I picked it up hoping it will give me a sense of security but when I saw the eyes, it was crying blood. I dropped the statue and decided to take a run out of this place. I turned my head to get my friend out of the room when I saw a perfect stranger sitting on one of the table. Thoughts raced through my mind and I remembered there was no one there when my friends and I entered the room. The television in the room came on and there were two words and the stranger’s face on it. I screamed as the two bloodied words were dripping off the tv set. I pushed against the door and finally got out of the room. Till this day i still can’t forget the two words. It said “I’m dead”.

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