Haunted Room In CCD Sec

Let’s see… 23/03/2007 Saturday. Ok! Now I’m set and ready to go, I’m going to tell you bout’ my school. As u can see in the title, the haunted room is located in on the roof top (sort of like a stairway up the to a room with a window without those window pane) and the only way to get there was by the “unknown” toliet in the 4th floor and that door is always locked. We seems kinda curious whenever we see it. Hard to say I was curious about it. Whatever view you stand, you can only see in the home economic block in the first room. We sort of found it months ago and we were starting to left our contained excitment go. Looking at the room every lessons, we usually meet and talk about it.

One day, we finally decided to ask a servent as they have worked here for a long time. One of the uncle said that whatever we do, do even think of entering there. We ask why and he said that it’s a room that have been left untouched for years.

Well, recently in the March holidays, we decided to check it out. Getting out “gear”, we left for the school. Along the, don’t mention the school, the roads were kinna deserted that you can walk on the road instead! By the time we reached, it was like 11.30, bout’ 30 mins to Midnight. We climbed over the gate without difficulty and off we went!

We decided to take a picture at the gate but the owner of it didn’t like it, feeling dissapointed we went on. We were kinna scared as the atmosphere was kinna scary. By the way there is other haunted sites but we decided to go one at a time (wounldn’t want to freak out too much!) and we reached the canteen.

Looking around, all the passage were closed to the 4th floor except the stairs at the hall. We took that way and proceed there. Little did we know, we didn’t even need to force the door open! Looking at the floor, that was a fresh footprint(water marks to be sure)on the floor. We were thinking, is there “something” out there or somebody is already here before us?

Without hesitation, we ran in and on our torches… We didn’t on the lights for fear that someone will discover it if we ran away without offing it. We heard sounds of water dripping as we went on (anyway, it’s a girls toliet) and soon came to the unknown room. Sad to say but it was kinna like a storeroom. Only dirt, paint, etc on the walls. But something awful was wrong. Loooking at the wall, it look like blood stain instead! One of us suddenly shivered and said there’s something wrong. We looked to our back and there’s this group of bats there. In the crowd was a figure of a girl! She was sort of semi-transparent. I shutted one of my friends mouth as he was about to scream! He tiptoed out when that stupid idiot kicked a chair!!! She woke up with her red, bloody eyes looking at us!!! Sort of a half vampire half ghost she floated towards us!!! We ran out of the room down the stairs!!! She came chasing going through the walls to get us!!! When we were at the canteen, the servent was there. We were saved! As we ran, we looked back and… and… it was gone!

The servent see us back to our friends home and said that we were stupid to do that. He said that we should keep this as a secret and not to tell anyone in the school. Well it’s the school!!! So no harm writting here. We told the uncle what happened and he told us to get a good rest. We have no evidence as a resulted we were disappointed not getting anything. We didn’t slept night but horrors were over after we were too tired after playing the Playstation 2.

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