Ghost Or Demon Or Alien?

I live in Texas, I won’t say which city though. This happened when I was a young kid. I was in my backyard at night with my sister and dad watching the stars and out of nowhere we saw this orange glowing thing in the sky above us, it was rotating in place and stopped in the sky for a few seconds as if watching us, then shot off in another direction at warp speed. It was crazy I’ve never seen anything take off that fast before, it left a little trail of its image behind as it shot off, that’s how fast it was.

Anyway, a month or two later not sure how long afterward cause I only experienced the first part, me and my sister shared a room when we slept in separate twin beds. My sister woke up and the light was on in our room. Apparently, I was asleep and slept through it all. She woke up and saw this small white thing at the foot of her bed staring at her. I’ve asked her to draw it to me before. It’s small with a kind of glowing white skin, huge red eyes outlined by yellow, next to it was another small white hump but she couldn’t tell if that was part of the small thing or another one altogether. Anyway when she saw it she got scared and hid under her blanket frozen and when she peeked through a hole in her blanket, it was right in her face staring at her through the hole. She doesn’t remember if she passed out or what after that.

Sometime later she slept alone in the living room and woke up in the middle of the night and said in the dark she could see the outline of that white small thing staring at her, though she said she was half asleep during this encounter so she doesn’t know if it was a dream or if she was just sleepy and seeing things.

I always wondered if this small white thing was related to that “UFO” type thing we saw, or was it just a random demon/ghost encounter? That is all.

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