Gift From Pontianak

Raman was a drunkard and had always went to the kubur to see the Pontianak because he wanted the Pontianak to strike him rich. One night, when he went there, he say a nail at one of the tombstone. He decided to pull it out using a sledgehammer which he got from his car. When he pull the nail out, he saw that the kubur of the person is being split opened. Then out came a beautiful lady. Raman touched her face.

The pontianak asked Raman to pull out the nail from her neck. When he did so, the Pontianak laughed hysterically. Raman said to the Pontianak that he wanted a gift from her because has helped her earlier. The pontianak gave Raman a 4-digit number and told him that it will be the number to strike him rich but in return, the Pontianak wanted 7 watermelons from him.

The next morning, it was real the number the pontianak gave was the first number. On that night, he went to the grave to give the Pontianak 7 watermelons. He had waited for 4 hrs for the pontianak to come. After 4 hrs, the pontianak came. When Raman showed her the 7 watermelons, she said that she has already eaten and told Raman that he could bring the 7 watermelons back. But Raman insisted and told the pontianak to let the 7 watermelons rot for all he care and walked away.

Being too tired and drunk, Raman slept in his car parked near the beach carpark. It was 9a.m and Raman went home. When he reached his door, he saw many people crowding in his house with two policeman controlling the crowd. Without hesitation, Raman rushed to the master bedroom and there lay 7 dead bodies. His mother, wife, 2 sisters, 1 brother and his 2 beloved children. Their heads were twisted and blood gushed out.

Six months later there was a news saying that a man is trying destroy the kubur at Mount Faber and was later send to the WoodBridge Hospital for being a mentally ill patient.

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