Truth Or Dare

On the 13th of January…my sis, me and my friends have planned where to celebrate my birthday that night. Then I asked one of my teachers to help us to book the Jalan Bahtera Camp so as to make it more adventurous.

Then we finally got the camp and on our way there by a mini-bus…We saw my sis’s friend who was also on her way to the Bahtera Camp as my sister invited her to my birthday party. By the time we reached there it’s already 11.03pm, and all were sleepy including me. So my sis made us coffee so that we will we very awake…then my sis’s friend came out with her idea and insisted on playing TRUTH or DARE!

But to me since it was almost midnight, we gave it a try to play cause we are not so good in this game. Then we wait till the clock struck 12am and it’s my birthday my sis took out the cake and let me blow the candles and I cut the cake into pieces and gave out to each other. After eating the cake we assembled in the hall for some games and we still continued that game! Then the bottle spinned and the cap showed my sis’s friend’s feet. So we dare her to go to the Bidadari Cemetry within 30 minutes and she agreed…

We took a cab to the Bidadari Cemetery and when we took the cab the driver asked my sis what are we doing there in the middle of midnight. So we tell him the truth and he said that the cemetery is very haunted during midnight but we just ignored his advice so far! Then my sis paid the taxi fare and we got off from the cab and we held hands with each other and I’m just holding my boyfriend’s hand and we walked slowly chatting with him and my sis shouted’ “Oiii…you thought what Botanical Garden huh can romancing?” But we ignored and wait for them to reached in front of the gate of the cemetery.

Then my sis’s friend straight away dashed in the cemetery and went off to one of the grave and sit still there for 30 mins. At that time, I was very sleepy until I slept on my boyfriend’s lap. After 45 minutes, my sis’s friends doesn’t seemed to come out of the cemetery although the grave is just a few miles away…so we went to look for the person who is in charge of the cemetery and asked for help. Then to our amazement we found her fainted in front of a huge tree but she seemed to be praying to the tree…then we helped her up to the mosque.

The ‘ustadz’ prayed and asked for help. After he finished praying he muttering something in his mouth and finally my sis’s friend came around but this time she vomitted blood and I was so scared that I too fainted! But this is a really shocking experience ‘she’ said. Why she fainted? It’s because when she walked pass a grave, someone passby her and say ‘Assalamualaikum’ then she answered then the lady in red seemed to strangle her and that’s why she fainted. But after a few days later my boyfriend got sick and my sis is suffering from headache but my warning to you is that don’t ever say back ‘Wa’alaikumsalam’ when someone greeted you ‘Assalamualaikum’ during the midnight cause it’s something that other people can’t see (e.g. Pontianak ) and please heed my advice because this is a serious happening I ever experienced during my birthday…BEWARE…

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