Coach Voice

This story was told 2 me by 1 of my frenz. She, Rina, experience it herself. She was 1 of the footballers in the National Female under 21 soccer team.

As usual she started practising wif her team mates at around 5.30 pm. On this particular day, the venue of the training was at Queenstown Stadium. Like other practices, Rina will take a bath at the toilet in the stadium after training…as it was not comfortable 2 take a trip back home by MRT wif sweaty body. Most of her frenz were jus living nearby the stadium they jus wash their faces…but not take a bath. Usually they will wait 4 each other till all of them had finished cleaning up themselves before they leave the toilet. All this will only end at around 8.30 pm.

On this particular day, Rina did like usual cleaning up herself in the cubicle while her frenz juz wash up at the sink. She was still bathing when suddenly she heard her coach voice asking her 2 hurry up as the toilet was going to be close soon. She told the coach that she jus need a little bit more time. When she had finished, she went out of the cubicle, she comb her hair at the mirror. She was surprised as her frenz were not waiting 4 her today like any other day. She then saw the coach went into the cubicle. She waited for the coach so that the coach won’t be locked in the toilet……however the coach were taking too long. 10 minutes had gone and yet the coach was still not out of the cubicle. Fear that something might happen to the coach she went to the cubicle. To her horror, the door of the cubicle were not locked. She pushed it opened…….the coach were not there. She then quickly gathered her things and went out of the toilet.

She was walking towards the gate of the stadium when she felt something were pulling her bag from the back. She tried to walk forward but that pull was so hard. In the end she fall down. Then she saw this white thing flying over her head. Laughing….it was the PONTIANAK. Then she saw her frenz running towards her asking her what had happen and to her horror the coach were wif them. She explained to her frenz what had happen. They were surprised.

Her frenz told her that they saw her left the toilet before them. They said that she told her she had to get home fast and that is why they went out of the toilet without counting on her. They saw her left the tolet.

Until now it was still a mystery….who was the coach in toilet? And who was the “Rina” that her frenz saw? Noone knew the answer.

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