Ang Mo Kio West Garden

Hi there…. I am sure that most of you couples have been to Ang Mo Kio West Garden, the big garden in front of AMK library. But have you guys seen what creatures live there excluding the stupids irritating dogs.

I live in AMK and i have personally seen 2 dead bodies come out from that garden…both at the same spot….near the playground at the terrace houses. I have also seen Pontianaks and Penanggalans.

A few years back before the whole bunch of my clique had to go for NS we would gather about 5 to 7 people armed with metals rods and sticks to partol the garden. Most of the time we exit the garden running with a pack of dogs barking at our heels.

But there was a time where I was with my blood bros..2 of them..came face to face with Fatimah Rocker a.k.a Pontianak. We were walking along the pathway with no lightpost….and we 1st smelled a sweet fragrance. I told my bros that we are in deep shit cos our bodies at that time was unpure as we had been drinking. The smell got stronger and stronger.. ‘Bern’ one of blood bro suggested we turn back . I agreed and we turn around…..and straight in the face of the Pontianak….. There was a blood curling shriek (ours) and three young guys were trying to break the world 100m dash…. We managed to escape….but however all three of us had a long scar at the back of our necks which lasted 1 mth.

But this is just one of the many stories of AMK west garden… More to come

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