The Pentagram

One friday night, all of my friends are chatting at a nearby coffeeshop. It was a boring night, one of my friend suggest to go clubbing at Boat Quay but we ignore his suggestion. I suggested to have some fun with the spirits as it was the HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL.

We have already planned the things that we need, e.g joss sticks, candles, apples and a comb. After we had all the things we need, we proceed to the destination planned. Upon reaching, we set all the things we bought. The candles were used to make a pentagram and we put the joss stick around us. Together there were 6 of us including one girl. We were suppose to sit at every end of the pentagram and one person in the middle. The girl sat in the middle and she was supposed to comb her while chanting some spell.

It`s almost midnight and we started to chant the spell my friend taught us. After a few minutes nothing happen, I started to feel that its a waste of our time. I got up and kick all the candles and joss sticks, and walk away. Suddenly it happened, the girl who was combing her hair started to scream. She ran towards me and bit me. At first I thought she playing around but she wasn’t. My friends try to pull her away from me but to no avail. Then she release me and started to say words that we could not understand. My friend who is a religious type, started to chant some prayers and the possessed girl started to scream again. The scream then began to fade and she fainted. All af us saw a white object flying above the bushes behind us. Upon seeing that we carried the fainted girl and ran away to the nearest HDB block. From there we went back to our home.

I told my mother about the incident, she was so mad that the slap me on the face. She said that I have disturb the resting place of a PONTIANAK. I swear to myself not play with spirits again. As for girl she knew nothing about the tragedy that happen to her.

This really happened at Serangoon Park Connector…….try it to believe it…………

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