Gliding Figure

Well, this true and scary story happened when I was studying in a Pre-U centre in the West area.

It goes like this.

It was the June holidays. My form teacher was looking for volunteers to repaint the school hall and my friends and I volunteered ourselves.

We reached the school in the morning and painted until about eight pm when the teacher who we are assisting told us to pack up as it was getting late. But since we felt that we have only a little painting left, we decided to stay and finished it. After much persuasion, our teacher let us stay while she headed home but she warned us that we should head for home by latest 11 pm irregardless whether we finished the job or not.

We finally finished the painting at about 10.30pm. We were very tired and decided to rest for a while before heading home. There were six of us. We sat at the study area (which was facing the toilet) and was munching on our sandwiches when we heard a noise “chit…chit”. It was like the noise made by lizards. It was loud that’s why it caught our attention. But we dismissed as we figured it must be a lizard.

A few minutes later, we hear the same sound again. But this time its louder, it was actually echoing, and it was longer. We were terrified!! It was followed by a long and eerie laughter and all of us seemed pinned to our seats. That’s when one of my friend start screaming and when we look at what she was screaming at, we saw a white figure with long hair gliding (i mean, gliding) out the female toilet. We were so shaken up, we could not speak or scream. The thing glides to us but she flew away with that long and eerie laughter before reaching our table.

When we regain our senses, all of us scrambled to the bus stop and head home. We did not tell the story to anybody as we were afraid that no one would believe our story. Only the six of us would know.

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