Got Colour Or No Colour

This happened when i was still studying in a polytechnic.

Once i was walking home on a rainy day, the wind was blowing strongly. I could hear the howling from the dogs. I quickened my steps.

Suddenly, i realised that something was behind me but when i turn around nothing was there. When i turn back, I saw a girl in colourful clothes with two pony tail. It was scary!! The colours was so mis match….her face was pale. Her pony tails were standing. She was smiling….i was terrified…i screamed..

The next moment i realized, i was lying on the grass naked. What happned? I cant believe what has happened to me!!I had nothing on! I was bared…oohhhh……..

The colourful girl was standing in front of me… She was still smiling.. I tried to grab my clothes and put them on…

The girl was singing to the tune of Britney Spear’s Stronger…and smiling…and started dancing the steps of Britney’s hit single ‘Oops I did it again.’   

I ran as fast as i could, but to no avail. So i decided to jump onto the colourful girl and beat her!! When i wanted to jump onto her, i realized i was jumping thru her. And guess what? I end up in the longkang…. I Fainted in there….

The next morning, when i opened my eyes, i was in my room… It was all a dream…but my bed was full of mud…

I felt relieved for a moment but where did the mud came from..??? Then i heard the song “Slave to u” by britney being played.. I was traumatised…When i turned i saw the colour girl …………..

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