Haunted Toilet

I’m schooling at Loyang Primary Sch and there rumour about all the toilets are haunted. My gurlfrends and i dont actually belief that cos they are call ‘rumours’.

There was this afternoon during recess time, my friends and i went to the toilet as usual. The toilet was on the ground floor last year but it was no longer there as my school had gone thru sumkind of renovate..We stepped into the toilet and check our hair…this n that and those kind teen girls do when they’re in toilet but of cos not smoking. At first, we heard a flush in one of the cubicles but we were pretty sure that there was no one in that toilet cos thats our toilet…hahaha…When that flush sound was heard, it was followed by a nice frangant. We were quite scared and our hairs were standing…my friend say not to panic..We rush out of the toilet..

The next day..there were sum kids in the toilet too and we stepped in..We heard a flush when no one was using any of the cubicles and smelt a fragant..we ask other kids whether they smelled it too but they say no…only then…when the kids have left…my friend face was damn f**king pale … She point to one of the cubicle and to our horror, there was a women head and blood was oozing of the head..We rushed out and told our teacher…

When they investigate..there was nutthin but …… why is it that my friends n i smell n saw that..? Lucky me, this is the last year i’m in that school and to all pupils in that school, beware n believe those things they called ‘rumours’ about school toilet…..

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