Spooky American School In Woodlands

The story which I am gonna write about occurred about 3 or 4 years ago. If u guys stay around Woodlands, you would have known of an American(or was it English) School behind Woodlands Secondary School. However, that building have already been banished…..

At that time, I was a Primary 6 student of Si Ling Primary, one of the most haunted skool in Woodlands. I asked 2 of my gal frens along with 5 other guys to go to that American school since many people said that it was a cool place to hang out.

On our first outing there, it wasnt that scary cos we only ventured the ground floor. Although my friends all saw a hand on the gal’s toilet, we arent bothered much by that. It was only during da second outing that ALL of us almost had a heart attack.

During da second outing, I dared everyone to go up to the last floor. It was spooky of course but wat scared us was that all the doors keep opening and closing non-stop as if there was a tornado! Thing is, there wasnt any wind AT ALL!!!

Then, we heard loud booming sound. It was as like as if there was bombs. When we ask passerby, they said they heard nothing. We then realised that it stopped only after we said verses from the Al-Quran.

Now, there’s a new building over that piece of land. Although it’s none of my business, Im really worried about the people that will inhabit that building…………….

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