Ghost In Community Centre

While in school, some of our friend told us that the fourth storey toilet at the community centre is haunted. They challenge us to go but we disagree. We just went home. Upon passing by the toilet at community centre, my friend had the urge to pee. We have no choice but to go to the ‘haunted’ toilet as she can’t control it. When we were inside, we felt some cold chilled surrounding our body. We start to get goosebumps. My friend is too timid to go in the cubicle alone so we went into the handicaped cubicle together.

After my friend have pee, we heard the tap water running. We was curious because we are really, really, really sure that there was no other people in the toilet except us.

Suddenly the light was off. My friend decide to peep down the cubicle door to check if there were anybody trying to play tricks on us but to my surprise, i saw a hantu bungkus or mainly known as “pochong”. I freeze for a while. I told my friend, she don’t believe me so i told her to go outside to check out. So she tried to go out but the door was stuck. We forced open the door for a few minutes before the door suddenly open by itself. We ran out towards the entrance door and saw a little girl in front of us holding a doll floating smiling while waving at us. We never went to the toilet again and that is the warning to all of u!!.

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