Grandmother And A Granddaughter

This story was told by my form teacher last year. His name is Mr Nizam. It took place in Pulau Tekong where he had been called by National Service.

It was a first day he was in P. Tekong. His bunk was at the third floor. It was at night while all his friendz were having their dreams, Mr Nizam was crying. He missed his parents, siblings and his girlfriend.

So, while he was crying, he saw some light shine on him. Suddenly, he saw an old lady with a small girl was holding hands. Then the little girl said to an old lady in malay,”Nenek, abang tu belum tidur lagi nek”(Grandma, that brither haven’t sleep yet)

Then they went to Mr.Nizam’s bed and stared at him. He was very scared and closed himself with his blanket. He was so scared that time. He closed himself all the way in the morning.

The next day, he told his friendz ’bout that. Then one of his friend said that before the camp was build, there was an old lady and a little girl stayed at the top of the mountain, which is at the third floor where he and his friend were. They died at the same time. So, after the camp was build, they will always make sure that all the guys in the third floor will sleep.

Thats the end of my story. So i hope all the guys who are in NS now, beware coz the P. Tekong are haunted!

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