Vulgar Ghost

My story was told to me by my god-brother. When he was in the army(now he is working), he was always one of those people who were good in everything as he was a very focused person and he was a very good athlete.

One day, when he was doing patrol duty, he suddenly stepped on something hard, being worried, he jumped away to see what he had stepped on when he jumped away he saw a stone. Being curious, he brush away some of the soil and to his surprize he saw a Plank. Like those Planks the Buddhist put on the altar. He got very scared and ran back to the Guard station. He got scolded by one of the higher ranked people(dunoe who), but because my god-brother was so scared that he was crying and muttering nonsense he sent someone else to do the duty. He took my god-brother’s hand and said some prayers with him. When he thought my god-brother was ok, he ask him to go back and rest and my God-brother starting puking very badly.

When my god-brother fell in into his squad that time, he saw a Man staring at him from his bunk room. He realised that the man was staring at him from near his bed as my god-brother’s bunk was near the window. After lunch, he suddenly starting coughing blood and when he sneezed there was also blood.

He was asked to go back to his bunk and rest alone as it was still lunch time. When he was lying on his bunk, he felt that he suddenly could not move, then he couldn’t breathe. He started saying the Our Father and Hill Mary out loud. Suddenly that thing, Shouted ‘Shut Up ! F#ck You !’ My god-brother run outside and told the Sir wad happen and the Sir punish him for lying.

I’m lucky my god-brother is still alive.

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