Echoes From The Past

I was an instructor for basic military training at the old Nee Soon Camp from 1983-1985. Built in 1939, the old camp is known to have a number of hauntings.

I was part of the Echo Company, 1st wing, facing the parade square. One night, I played a prank on two of my fellow instructors. I pretended to talk in my sleep. As I was sleeping in the double decker bed next to the window facing the parade square, I said “Can you hear the sound of Japanese soldiers marching in the parade square?” The two of them said to themselves, “There he goes again, talking in his sleep”. The next day, the two of them told the other instructors about what happened.

A few weeks later, it was the turn of one of the two instructors to stay back in camp on Friday night to supervise corrective training for physically weak recruits on Saturday morning. He happened to sleep exactly where I was sleeping next to the window facing the parade square.

Then it happened. At first, there was a howling of the wind. The wind caused the nylon ropes of a flag pole in the parade square to beat against the metal pole, waking my colleague up. Then slowly but surely, he heard the sound of “soldiers” marching in the parade square. The sound indicate that the “soldiers” were wearing metal stud boots. He was so frightened that he covered himself with a blanket.

The following Monday, he was pale and sober as he narrated his personal experience. Never again, will he want to see any ghost or even hear haunting echoes from the past.

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