It happened to my uncle’s friend. But, my uncle told me. He knew i loved to be scared of stories..amazing stories..especially ghost stories.

You see, my uncle was serving his national service a few years back. He’s now in his late 30’s i think. Anyway, he had his own “click” in the camp. His friends were a chinese and an indian.

They were on guard duty at Pulau Ubin, i think. I don’t remember quite well. Anyway, as i was told, it was a brightly moonlit night. The trio were walking along the forested area, smoking, and laughing, breaking the silence of the night.

After having taken a quite heavy dinner, his indian friend cannot tahan liao. He really need to relieve himself. My uncle thought it was rather funny but however, his friend really cannot tahan and so, the trio went in search of a place for his friend to do his business.

They walked alongside this area which i think used to be a village. As they walked, they found this roofless small hut, (a toilet in the kampongs), and his fren went inside. While he was inside, my uncle and his chinese fren waited outside. They were busy smoking and laughing away when the indian guy came out of the “toilet”.

He was looking rather pale in the face and he was walking unsteadily. My uncle and the chinese guy don’t know what to do. So they asked him. He asked them to walk quick. He was rather in a rush. Soon after, they met up with the army truck. When the army truck was about to leave the place, they heard an eerie and chilling cry that pierced through the nite. Only then, my uncle realised that his friend must have seen sumthing.

When they arrived at their barracks, my uncle was concerned about his friend’s condition. The guy was rather sick. So, my uncle asked him what really happened. So, his fren told him.

When he was doing his business in the “toilet”, his was rather busy noticing every crook and cranny of the small “hut”. As the toilet was roofless, the indian guy could see the moon and everything. If anything is above him, the object would cast a shadow.

So, suddenly, sumthing cast over a shadow. My uncle’s fren wasn’t dare enuff to look up. He was afraid to look at anything as he know it would usually be sumthin to do wif the supernatural. He was so scared he nearly cried. However curious, he looked up and saw the thing. It was rather hanging on the top of the door, only reavealing its head. The “woman” had long hair and bloodhsot eyes. She was rather staring at my uncle’s fren while he was doing his biz.

He was too scared to tell my uncle or even to finish his business. Instead, he pulled up his shorts and hurried outside. This really freaked me out. Lucky i dunt need to serve in the national service!

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