Hantu Bungkus

I am not sure whether this story is true or not. This was told by my friend’s grandmother, Ani.

When she was a little girl, she lived in kampong houses. Each time she have to go mengaji(religious class), she’ll have to go pass thru a small forest. She hated going for her ngaji classes because of this. The place was deserted & creepy. There was hardly any ray of light that ever shone through.

On one particular night, she finished mengaji at about 8+ as she had stayed to pray Isyak. As usual, she pass thru the forest. As she walked in, she kept uttering some prayers softly. Then she heard some bumping sounds behind her. She kept uttering her prayers. The bumping sounds followed her footsteps. When she walked slow, IT bumped softly. When she walked fast, IT bumped hard. She was reaching home. Fed up, with the Qur’an in her arms, she plucked up her courage and turned around to face IT. It was like a new born baby but all wrapped up. She shouted to IT “Balek. Aku tak kacau kau, jadi kau jangan kacau aku!(go home. i didn’t disturb u so u don’t disturb me)”. Then she turned around slowly, and then dashed home.

She made sure she washed her legs and face. The next day she told her mum about it and her mum said that Ani was very fortunate to have met the Hantu Bungkus. If she was the one who had met, IT she would have hugged it…


People believe that if you see a Hantu Bungkus, you should hug it & ask for anything you want & it will grant your wish. But as for the side effects, you’ll have to ask the experts…

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