The Old Lady Of Pulau Ubin

I used to cycle alot during my teens. Normally, my friends and I would cycle around the neighbourhood. Then one day my friend Zul suggested we go cycle at Pulau Ubin. And so we went along with his idea.

Altogether there were four of us. Zul the leader, Lee the odd, Ahmad the curious, and me the kiasi. Happily, we went to Ubin to tire ourselves out on our rented bikes. The day passed by very quickly and before we realised it, the sky was already getting dark. The funny thing was, it was only about 5.30 in the evening.

We were resting among the banana plantations at the time. Other then the dark sky, nothing was out of the ordinary. “Ahmad, Ahmad!You see dat old woman over there or not?” Lee suddenly asked. But Ahmad was too tired to reply.

I turned around to see wat Lee was refering to. Indeed there was an old woman walking slowly about 20m away from us among the thick plantaions. She had really messy grey hair and wore an old dirty blue rag. It appeared that she was dragging something towards us.

“Lee’s right”, I told Zul,”You can see her or not?” Zul was studying the old woman intently. Itz really weird to see some old hag at this hour and the spooky thing was she was drawing nearer towards us!

Then, without warning, Zul screamed, “RUN!!!!” And we all sped off on our bikes at top speed. Once we reached the jetty, we demanded an explaination. Zul shivered before telling us what was wrong.

According to him, the old woman was dragging something terrible on the ground…it was her own hands! It seemed that her hands were so long that she had to drag them! I shuddered at the thought of what would happened to us had we stayed on to watch the old woman!

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