Blk 58 kallang bahru

At that time my age was only 5 years old. It really happen to me for the past 8 years. It goes like this.

Early 1980s, my family move to blk 58 kallang bahru. It was still a rented flat. It actually happen to my mom. We family had already know this since we move to Kallang Bahru. One night, while my dad when for overtime work, me my mom & my younger sister was fast asleep. All of the sudden, my the three of us heard a crying voice & a scratching on the window. So, we got up and try to take a look whats happening. My mom try to open the window but it was tightly shut. So we run to a neighbour nearby.

After quite sometimes, we discover that the house we lives in belongs to a malay family who had a virgin lady died inside the house. So we move to Ang Mo Kio & it happen again but this time is was even scarier. One night while i was on my bed, I heard a moving of furniture just outside of my living room. The noise woke me up. When I try to see for myself, it really moves. The furniture was place extremely to the left of my living room & I saw a figure in the kitchen. So i decided to wake my family up. They were shock to see what is going on. So they just ignore what is going on.

The same night it happen again, when the picture of my late grandmother pops up & it was flying around the living room. The very next day we decided to sell the house to a malay family & after that we never heard about the house again. But sometimes in the late 1980s, we had already moves to Yishun. At first we live peacefully until one day the things happen again. This time the thing was in my moms body.They had spend at least couple of years in her body. The scarier thing happen is when every friday night my when the clock strike 0000hrs in the morning, my mom would just goes to the mirror & laugh at herself. Sometimes she even cry in front of the mirror. Well to tell u this it really happen coz we family had already seen it b4. So we decided to look for help from a old man.

He was my grandfather. He told us that the thing from the first house we stay, had follow us. So my grandfather decided to talk to the thing that is inside my moms body. I really pity my mom at that time. So we decided to sell the house again.

After moving to a new place. All back to normal & my grandfather was sucess in bringing out the things that were not belong here. Guess what? Not only one spirit in her body, but 7 of them. I know that some of u may not believe me but its true. Because I had already experience it so no matter what people say, I believe that this things exsist coz it really happen to my family. Now we lead a happy life out here.

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