Blk 304 Shunfu Road

At night, the darkness that crept in was so unreal. The lights that the authorities placed for brightness was useless. The dark win over light. The whole place and i mean the WHOLE PLACE was all the same. Even the homes are not spared. The only place who can consider safe is the place you go for your prayers. But again, fear goes wherever you go. There is no running away from it when you’re in Teban Gardens.

Some crazy human beings even keep these things. Maybe these things helps them gain whatever they want. But, in the end, to hell you go. I have heard stories about these things being released in the night, roaming around the block; doing what they are ordered to or doing what they please. That’s when pure babies cry in the night, seeing what most couldn’t and would not rather see. It seems that all ages are unfree from seeing at least once. My bro at age 4 or 5 complained about seeing a lady flying outside the window always at 7 something in the evening. I lied to him saying it was a kite. My cousin, 3 years at that time, had a “friend”. This “friend” of hers always accompanied her only when daily prayers were performed. When all of us are praying, she would either babble in her room or either come out and introduce her “friend’ to us. She would say things like “This is Saiful, this is ……..” I realised she always mentioned my name first. Scares my living daylights.

And a big joke that my mom had played on me is to tell me to live on my own when i was Sec 3. I want to shorten the story so let’s just say she and my other family members stayed at my auntie’s house.

When i started being on my own, the tree in front of my house seems to have “being moved in” by someone or something. I lived on the 4th storey, the same level as the tree’s “occupant”. Before i go to sleep at night, there will be something up there. Dolls, clothes, sheets, candles(either one of these things). The next morning, there would be something else. This keeps going on till i grew tired and started playing guessing games about what is up on the tree the next morning.

Then there is this story about “The Cat Woman”. A girl that appeares at midnight and playing at the playground, surrounded by her cats of all sizes, colours and voices. Leaving the place she visited with a carcass of a kitten.

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