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This incident occurred when I was in my kindergarten years. At that time, I had not moved out to my current house yet. I lived in a 3 room flat at that time and we only had 2 bedrooms, including a master bedroom. The kitchen was directly facing the living room.

I remembered that my grandmother had just passed away and my grandfather happened to stay over at my house for the first time. As we only had one bedroom which me and my siblings shared, my grandfather suggested that we, kids, slept with him in the living room just to accompany him and this went on for as long as he stay with us.

There was one particular night when my sister and I simply could not sleep although the weather was very calm. We were teasing each other when my sister suddenly told me not to look at the kitchen, which was facing us. She said to me, “K, don’t look at the kitchen! There’s a ghost there!!” However, me being a curious little girl, I decided not to listen to her. I climbed over her and took a peek at the kitchen   

Sure enough, there it was. With no lights on, the “thing” appeared as a frail and thin-looking old lady sweeping away in the kitchen late at night. She was very dark and wearing a head scarf(occurred to me like an old indian lady) and she just concentrated on what she was doing! What on earth was an old lady sweeping away in my kitchen late at night with no lights on?? I got scared and quickly went to sleep!

The next morning, I told the incident to my mother and she actually was terrified and quickly told my father to say some prayers over me for fear that I’ll get possesed by that “thing”!!

Up till today, I still cannot figure out what or who that “thing” was. Was it my late grandmother? Or was it just another wandering spirit?

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